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Polyurethane Elastomers are unique design and construction materials combining many of the advantages of rigid plastics, metals and ceramics with the extensibility of rubber.


  • Automotive: washers, cushions and flexible couplings
  • Construction and structures: concrete molds, door seals, intakes for concrete pumping machines.
  • Lined structures: conveyor belts, fuel storage tanks and power transmission belts.
  • Electrical: impregnation, insulation, encapsulation and cable splicing.

  • Engineering components: gears, sprockets, cable guides, hitches or pulling rigs, spacer plates, brake shoes, yarn guides, cutting boards, bands for business machines and couplings.
  • Feeding: grain bucket hopper linings.
  • Mining: Bucket Liners, Conveyor Rollers, Scraper Blades, Flotation Cell Impellers, Pump Liners, Classifying Screens, Lined Pipes, Cable Protection Systems.
  • Petroleum, chemical and maritime: bushings, bearings, hydrocyclones, buoys, maintenance accessories and pipe scrapers, fenders and valve seats.
  • Rolls: board rolls, clamp roll, and meta forming, printing, conveyors, can liners, and paper mills.
  • Seals and gaskets: pneumatic and oil seals and diaphragms.
  • Footwear industry: soles for shoes, diaphragms for lower moldings, wear plates, energy absorbing insoles.
  • Wheels and Tires: Forklift Tires, Heavy Duty Trolley Tires, Escalator Wheels, Skate Wheels, and Inline Skate Wheels.

Our products


Polyester based urethanes have superior cut, tear, abrasion, oil and solvent resistance.


Polyethers are recommended for applications where parts undergo dynamic stress, i.e. they incur lower heat build-up. They also have advantages in high resilience, low temperature performance and resistance to water attack (hydrolysis). Polyethers also have lower viscosity and specific gravity.


Polycaprolactones exhibit good cut, tear, load bearing and abrasion resistance with the added advantage of better hydrolysis resistance when compared to Polyesters.


Aliphatic Systems have high resistance to weathering, high chemical resistance and durability in aggressive environments.

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